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Please note that support for this device is available by email only.

Getting Started with a WD Protégé

WD Protégé FAQs

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Software for Windows

GPL / Firmware

WD Protégé Specifications

Model No Interface Capacity RPM
WD1600AB PATA 160 GB 5400
WD1200AB PATA 120 GB 5400
WD1000AB PATA 100 GB 5400
WD800AB PATA 80 GB Hammer Toed Shoe Steel Laredo Work Tan Men's Distrs 5400
WD800EB PATA 80 GB 5400
WD600AB PATA 60 GB 5400
WD600EB PATA 60 GB 5400
WD400AB PATA 40 GB 5400
WD400EB Toed Hammer Steel Work Shoe Laredo Distrs Men's Tan PATA 40 GB 5400
WD300AB PATA 30 GB 5400
WD300EB PATA 30 GB 5400
WD200AB PATA 20 GB 5400
WD200EB PATA 20 GB 5400
WD100AB PATA 10 GB 5400
WD100EB PATA 10 GB 5400

WD Community

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WD Community | [quote]Desktop / Consumer RAID Environments - WD Caviar Black Hard Drives are tested and recommended for use in consumer-type RAID applications (RAID-0 / RAID-1).[/quote]from http://www.wdc.com/wdp... BUR Madden 5US Steve Size EDITT 6 1Ednq7w

Laredo Hammer Men's Tan Shoe Work Steel Distrs Toed 46z4ZaqAv