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What is this?
Updated:  06/29/2018 10:20 AM
If you have a Circle Safe™ Premium subscription, your alerts use advanced algorithms that notify you when a person is detected. Once you’ve  set up alerts with Person Detection, you’ll receive alerts on your mobile device from the Circle mobile app:

Pink Dress Office KemeKiss Work Stiletto Spring Heel Mini Size Women High Pumps awwPC Activity bubbles in your Circle mobile app and web app with a person icon at the bottom indicate a person was detected:

To ensure the best conditions for Person Detection to work: 
  • Make sure your Circle has a clear field of view (ex. avoid putting Circle behind a screen or other objects).
  • Mount your Circle upright.
  • Place your Circle closer to areas of high activity, ideally no more than 15-25 feet (5-7 meters) away. 
  • Position your Circle at human height.
  • Place your Circle in a place with good lighting.

NOTE: Person Detection is not as accurate while Night Vision is enabled. Person Detection is based on machine learning; as such, it might be inaccurate at times. Our detection might miss a person in the footage or incorrectly detect movement as a person. We are constantly improving the detection accuracy and can benefit from any clips that you have matching these criteria. Please send us your clip from logi.com/circle2/support and let us know which of the two criteria it meets.

For instructions on how to check if Person Detection is set up correctly, see  How do I set advanced alert filters?


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